"Williams’ radiant, bigger-than-pain voice fuses blues and gospel into one irresistible force, diagnosing your ills with the former and healing you with the latter...The CDs have been lauded by critics, but they only convey a fraction of the incandescent Williams persona. Her voice can run clear as a spring, storm like the ocean or take on a muddy Mississippi roll. On stage, she consoles, pleads, seduces, jokes and hurls the occasional thunderbolt of righteous wisdom."

~  Lawrence Cosentino,  City Pulse re. Old Town Bluesfest





“A blues hurricane is coming and her name is Sharrie Williams. This is one talented lady who can slow cook or belt it out. And she is one hell of a song writer. Her soulful, bluesy voice gets to the meat of a song...Highly recommended!”  ~  Boudy - Amazon Fan Reviews


“She’s such an impressive performer, soulful, loud and quiet. She easily handles the whole spectrum, from a whisper to a scream. Within a couple of songs she’s got the audience on their feet!”  ~  Reigen Live


“As an emotive vocalist, Williams is definitely near the top of the pack in the Blues world, but what makes her additionally potent is that she writes fine tunes.”  ~  Bob Putignano - Blues and Jazz Sounds


“Comparisons will undoubtedly be made with the legendary Etta James. This fact must not deter you from appreciating Sharrie's soulful, energetic, sometimes rough’ n ’tumble, rip roaring music!”  ~  Brian Harman - Blues Arts Studio Journal


“Sharrie Williams puts the spirit and fervor back into Blues music...Her dynamic voice and stage presence will have you rockin' all night long!”  ~  Attucks Discovery Series - Seven Venues News


“Sharrie Williams is...easily among the most powerful female vocalists on today’s scene.” Blue Heaven Studios, Blues Masters at the Crossroads 8



“Sharrie Williams is an amazing performer! I stumbled into her concert on 10/5 at BBs in St. Louis and she wowed me! She really connects with her audience in a powerful way! I was blessed to be there and experience her and her band.” ~  Roberta J Craig - Amazon Fan Reviews


“A great singer and also a fantastic songwriter who writes from experience and her own life.” ~  Eric Campfens - Barn Owl Blues


“Sharrie is a real deal Blues and gospel singer but no one would ever call her a Blues diva as she is just too much of a sweetheart to be called that. If you have not seen this great singer, put Sharrie on your MUST SEE list.” ~  Bob Kieser - Blues Blast Magazine


“Sharrie...mixed soulful blues with a gospel edge that stunned even those who did not understand English. Sharrie Williams showed that language is the least of our obstacles in life, we all danced to the same beat: her sacred rhythm!” David Shea - David Shea EOI Blog


“Sharrie Williams’ concert was on the first night of the International Jazz Festival in Bansko. She literally captivated the audience with her beautiful and powerful voice, stage presence, and unique style.” ~  Rossitsa Petcova - bnr-bg:Radio Bulgaria


“Singer Sharrie Williams is one of the greatest living voices in music in any of its genres & styles....critics and specialist magazines in the USA & Europe class her as “The Princess of Rockin’ Gospel Blues”, carrying on the saga of the great divas...Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Billie Holiday, Pattie LaBelle & Natalie Cole.” ~  The XXII Festival Canarias Jazz and More


“Sharrie and her American band gave an emotionally charged, high energy set of funky blues which got the ecstatic, packed audience dancing away from the first number. Sharrie's personality shone through and with such a tight band behind her, she had the audience eating out of her hand...As they say - 'Class wins out'.” ~  Paul Morgan - Movin Music



“News of Saginaw blues singer Sharrie Williams' Blues Album of the Year award from L'Academie du Jazz may have come as a surprise to folks who remember catching her at a little bar called Wise Guys at State and Warwick, where she helped her husband Pete "Pops" Crawford prepare a barbecue buffet before taking the stage.” ~  Sue White - Saginaw News []


“Electro-Fi's SHARRIE WILLIAMS wins prestigious French Blues Award! The Academie du Jazz, founded in 1954, has chosen Sharrie to be the recipient of their BLUES ALBUM OF THE YEAR Award for her new Electro-Fi release "Out of the Dark". The presentation will take place Jan.11 2012 at the Chatelet Theatre in Paris. How's that for a nice Xmas Present !” ~  Andrew Galloway - Boquete Jazz and Blues Festival Foundation


“Sharrie Williams unique style of “Rockin’ Gospel Blues” is surrounded by strong and powerful vocals and arrangements, with songs that grab your soul. Sharrie touches souls with her talent and passion for her music, combined with her smoky, sexy, and imitable style. Sharrie Williams is a gifted songwriter who freshens a genre that's always searching for authentic blues and gospel artists.” ~  Harvest Time Blues


“Sharrie Williams - Blues Music Award Nominee for Soul Blues Female Artist of the Year, along with Etta James, Irma Thomas, Denise LaSalle, and Jean Shy. Sharrie Williams has a charismatic and radiant stage presence that takes hold of you and captures your heart and soul. With every note she can make you laugh, cry, or dance and the best part is she’s as genuine off the stage as she is on. Sharrie is poised for the next level of stardom and is proudly featured on the Electro-Fi label, with her first release, "I’m Here To Stay." Hailed as the Princess of Rockin’ Gospel Blues - her time is now!” ~  Road-Dawg Touring Company


“This Lady levels the room and leaves the crowd pleading for more, A Galactic vocal force to be reckoned with…I was at both of Sharrie’s gigs and she wrecked the place both times.... Everybody loved them. We want them back!” ~  Gary Erwin - Low Country Blues Bash


“Sharrie brings to a song a unique freshness, strong on the present with respect toward roots. She delivers the heat, whether it’s one of her many self penned originals or a standard, she brings you in by singing her insides out. Hearing Sharrie is a pure delight, but seeing her perform will make you a true believer!” ~  Tom Bert - Grammy Award-Winning Photographer



“I don’t think Chicago ever knew what hit it! Williams stormed the stag and the room exploded. From the first lines of her own "I’m a Real Woman" she had control and she wasn’t going to give it up! The way this woman works a room must be experienced in person, and when she’s belting out tales of hard lives, lost loves, and the strength needed to get through the days, she isn’t just singing the Blues – She is the Blues! It comes right out of her mouth and hits you where you live – in your soul.” ~  Randy Chandler - Performance Magazine


“Sharrie Williams and her band came in and took the place over!!! This lady is so powerful, wonderful and electrifying. She came in and said "hook some mic chords up cause I'm gonna go out and be with my people" So we did and she spent the entire set performing, preaching, and healing out in the audience. She had people getting up, getting down, laughing, crying, feeling. She had the whole place dancing. I still get goose bumps when I think about it. Her band was great too!” ~  Lancaster County Blues


“Sharrie Williams and The Wiseguys did not put a foot wrong on their lengthy set. Strong and powerful numbers with some very original arrangements to some familiar tunes mixed with gospel, soul, and blues and Sharrie’s very confident stage presence. This Lady has bags of potential, that’s for sure.” ~  Mike Stephenson - Blues and Rhythm


“I remember, it was three a.m at the 2001 Desden, Germany Blues Festival, Sharrie Williams and the band were still performing, and not any of the packed audience would leave – they were hypnotized by this dynamic performer as she got them all in to a frenzy. It went on until 4am, and the house was still packed begging for more! I feel that Sharrie is one of the most powerful singers and entertainers that I have seen in many, many years!” ~  Fred Reif - Blues Promoter, Agent, Manager



“Sharrie Williams vibrant, gospel-drenched voice with interesting arrangements and splendid song writing…Sharrie Williams clear and passionate delivery is absolutely compelling. The urgency, honesty, integrity and rich texture with which Williams belts out her deeply felt blues will surely earn her the respect she deserves among fans and critics alike. Record company executives, are you listening?”

~  Leslie Ann Knight - Blues in Britain



The Princess of Rockin' Gospel Blues